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An Overview of the Land Conservation Plan

The Stewardship Council has prepared the Land Conservation Plan (LCP) to guide the permanent conservation of over 140,000 acres of Watershed Lands in California currently owned and managed by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). The LCP provides the framework for the preservation and enhancement of the existing environmental and economic benefits of the watershed lands on an overall basis. Central to this framework is the preservation and enhancement of a broad range of beneficial public values, including habitat, open space, outdoor recreation, sustainable forestry, agricultural uses, and historic and cultural values. View the LCP Now!

Click here to view a graphic depiction of the LCP in PDF format. The content of each volume is described below.

Volume I: The Land Conservation Framework

Volume I contains all the elements that must be addressed according to the Stipulation and Settlement Agreement, background on the planning process, and discussion or relevant regulatory processes. Volume I also includes a description of the analysis process for arriving at the recommended concepts for each of the Planning Units. In addition, it contains a framework for moving towards disposition and placement of conservation easements on the lands, as well as identifying lands that are not necessary for PG&E operations those available for donation in fee title with a conservation easement to a qualified public or non-profit entity. It also discusses lands that are necessary for PG&E operations (unavailable for donation) and so retained in fee title by PG&E. Both categories of watershed lands will be protected with conservation easements. This volume does not identify specifically how each conservation easement or land disposition package will occur for any of the individual parcels of land. Nor does it identify which qualified organizations will receive donation of the land or hold the conservation easements. This level of detail will be included in Volume III (see below). If you would like to indicate your interest in the future ownership and/or management of a specific parcel or parcels of land, visit our Interested DONEE INFORMATION page. View the LCP Now!

Volume II: Planning Unit Concepts

Volume II contains maps Planning Unit Concept maps that present management objectives and potential measures to preserve and/or enhance the Beneficial Public Values within each Planning Unit. Volume II is a companion to Volume I and after board approval, we will submit both volumes to PG&E, and subsequently PG&E will submit it to the CPUC.View the LCP Now!

Volume III: Disposition Packages

Volume III will consist of multiple documents that detail the specific land conservation and/or disposition requirements for each parcel or parcel cluster within each of the 47 Planning Units. The Stewardship Council will develop these disposition packages, over multiple years (2008-2013), working collaboratively with stakeholders and others with specific interest in the future ownership and management of the parcel or parcels. View the LCP Now!


The Stewardship Council Board of Directors adopted the Land Conservation Plan Volumes I and II (LCP) at its meeting on November 28, 2007. The LCP establishes the framework and management objectives for the permanent protection of more than 140,000 acres of PG&E’s watershed lands. Please email the Stewardship Council at land@stewardshipcouncil.org if you would like to receive a copy of the LCP on CD-Rom. It will also be available in hardcopy format, for public viewing, in designated public buildings in each of the 22 counties where the Watershed Lands are located.


Volume I of the LCP establishes the overall framework for the document, including legal requirements, the planning process, methodologies, public involvement, and discussion of relevant regulatory processes.


Volume II of the LCP documents existing conditions and presents management objectives, measures, and conceptual plans to preserve and/or enhance six Beneficial Public Values (BPVs) on the more than 140,000 acres of lands (referred to as the Watershed Lands and Carrizo Plain). The lands were organized by watershed, and subsequently into 47 Planning Units.


The Stewardship Council received nearly 1,300 written comments on the Draft LCP Volumes I and II. All public comments received in writing, and the responses to those comments, are included in a separate document that accompanies the Final LCP ("Public Comments and Response to Comments on LCP Volume I & II.").