LCP Volume II Acronyms and Abbreviations

ACECArea of Critical Environmental Concern
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
APE Area of Potential Effects
AUM animal unit month
BIA U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM U.S. Bureau of Land Management
BOR U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
BPV beneficial public value
CALFED CALFED Bay-Delta Program
CalTrans California Department of Transportation
CalTrout California Trout, Inc.
Cal Water California Water Services Company
CDF California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
cfs cubic feet per second
CNDDB California Natural Diversity Database
CNPS California Native Plant Society
CPNM Carrizo Plain National Monument
CRMP Cultural Resources Management Plan
CWA California Waterfowl Association
DFG California Department of Fish and Game
DMA Dyer Mountain Associates
DOD U.S. Department of Defense
DPR California Department of Parks and Recreation
DUA day use area
DWR California Department of Water Resources
EA Environmental Assessment
EIR Environmental Impact Report
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ERC Ecological Resources Committee
ESA Endangered Species Act
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FOBCRA Forks of Butte Creek Recreation Area
FOTR Friends of the River
FRCRM Feather River Coordinated Resource Management (Group)
FS Forest Service (as in Forest Service Road)
GIS geographic information system
HPMP Historic Properties Management Plan or Heritage Properties Management Plan
HRMP Heritage Resources Management Plan
KR1 Kern River 1
kV kilovolt
LART Lake Almanor Recreation Trail
LCP Land Conservation Plan
LDS Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
LOSRA Lake Oroville State Recreation Area
LSR Late Successional Reserve
MFSR Middle Fork Stanislaus River
MID Merced Irrigation District
MSMP McArthur Swamp Management Plan
MW megawatt
NFMF North Fork of the Middle Fork
NFS National Forest System
NGO nongovernmental organization
NID Nevada Irrigation District
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NPS U.S. National Park Service
NRHP National Register of Historic Places
OHV off-highway vehicle
PAC Protected Activity Center
PAOT persons at one time
PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company
PSEA Pacific Service Employees Association
RMP Recreation Management Plan
RV recreational vehicle
SFAR South Fork American River
SFREC Sierra Foothill Research and Extension Center
SHPO State Historic Preservation Office
SMUD Sacramento Municipal Utility District
SNF Sierra National Forest or Sequoia National Forest
Stewardship Council Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council
TEK Traditional Ecological Knowledge
THP Timber Harvesting Plan
TMU Timber Management Unit
TNC The Nature Conservancy
TUD Tuolumne Utilities District
UARP Upper American River FERC Project
UMRWA Upper Mokelumne River Watershed Authority
UNFFR Upper North Fork Feather River
USACE U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USFS U.S. Forest Service
USFWS U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
WCB Wildlife Conservation Board
WHIP Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program
YCWA Yuba County Water Agency
YMCA Young Men’s Christian Association