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This document provides additional background and detail on the recommended measures to preserve and enhance beneficial public values (BPVs) on the Watershed Lands as presented in Volume II of the Land Conservation Plan (LCP). The information provided here focuses, in large part, on the status of resource survey information and suggests specific data gaps that may need to be filled to adequately address the management objectives recommended by the Stewardship Council. In addition, the measures discussed in this Supporting Analysis provide background, perspective, and ideas provided by a variety of stakeholders, including resource agency personnel, community stakeholders, and the public at large over a two year information gathering process.

In some cases, the Stewardship Council was able to identify site specific enhancements that have the potential to meet certain management objectives on the Watershed Lands. This is more evident in areas that have been recently studied as part of PG&E’s FERC relicensing efforts, and less possible and/or practicable in areas with older FERC Project licenses that have not yet been subject to current field studies regarding natural, cultural, and/or recreational resources. In other cases, particularly for lands that lie outside FERC Project boundaries, information and data were quite limited, leading to more overall recommendations such as calls for cultural or other resource surveys. Clearly, the Stewardship Council, working with its partners, will need to balance the need for additional data collection for more detailed planning purposes with the cost of actual enhancement measures.

These measures are intended to be illustrative in nature, not prescriptive, and will be amended, deleted, or augmented over time in coordination with future land owners and managers to best meet the objective for this planning unit.

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For each planning unit, there are a number of potential measures that are recommended for each planning unit (as shown on maps and listed in tables in Volume II). In this Supporting Analysis document these measures are described under each relevant BPV, by planning unit, with background discussion following.